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Overcoming Alcoholism without AA

Overcoming Alcoholism without AA ebook coverMy name is Emmett, and I am an alcoholic. A recovered alcoholic, who has learned how to live life sober without alcohol and without AA. If you want to learn how to be sober without the crutch of AA, then this ebook is for you. You will find my personal history, how I struggled with AA and learned to be sober without AA, 4 reasons to avoid AA, and an extensive list of ideas, tips, and suggestions for learning how to stop drinking without AA.

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Overcoming Alcoholism without AA website (PDF format)
Amazon Kindle Store (Kindle format)
Scribd Store (Multiple formats)

Technical Analysis 101

Technical Analysis 101 ebook coverLearn the secrets of technical analysis and supercharge your returns in the financial markets. In this book, we cover everything you need to trade profitably, including support & resistance, trendlines, moving averages, chart patterns, indicators, and more! Also included are full-color chart examples and four strategy spotlights. Stop guessing and learn how to trade profitably today!

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Amazon Kindle Store (Kindle format)
Smashwords (Multiple formats)